Reebok Zigtech Fun Run – 5km Results

My first run after the debacle of the Intramuros run. I did better! yay! Still not sub 35 like before, but I’ll take it! I managed to stave about 4 minutes off the Intramuros time, and I can honestly say– i took it easy because I really didn’t want to dnf.

I need to practice road running again. I started the race strong, but totally hated the long uphill climb after 2.5km. I didn’t walk, but yeah, was super duper slow. Heat was crazy. I want to run trail again! Any trail runs coming soon?

Here are the results as per my my nike plus, and yes, I forgot to press the end run button. haha!

The plan was to be at least 7′ pace. Started with 6’12 at the first kilometer and totally slowed down after 2.5km. haha! wussy. The bunny is too slow. haha! So we train. =)

Here are the results as per Reebok’s Runningtime page:

37:07 for 5km. Hmm. Well beats being 40++. =) Little steps to improvement. Now to push ourselves.

The Plan :

Working out 2 times a week now, some plyo and some circuit weight training. My trainer’s pretty awesome. Maybe the rest, I can do runs, some skating and of course, surfing.

RE: the race

All in all good race management, we got texts a day before re: the change of time. During the race, there was enough water stations with cold water and 100plus. I had a kick crossing the finish line and seeing my friend’s logo — Kas Events. haha! 🙂 good job Kas! 🙂 I also really like the freebies after! I now have 2 Reebok Zigtech Caps, and I love caps! Oh and the results were available during the afternoon of the race! pretty awesome!

Still don’t know when or what would be my next run. Haha! but I seriously need to get back to sub 35.


Race Results here :


Reebok Zigtech Fun Run 2011

I’m joining Reebok’s Zigtech Fun Run 2011 happening on June 5, 2011, at Bonifacio City, Taguig.

You can register online and find more information re: the run — here.

I just registered for 5km. Here’s to hoping I can totally recover from the Intramuros debacle. 🙂

More information about Reebok Zigatech Shoes and Apparel here.

Chockblock Weekend Part 2: The Intramuros Run & Museum Tour Extravaganza

Intro note:

The weekend that was –was awesome! So chockblock of everything under the sun that I can’t discuss them all in one post. So we’re going to do this organized and in parts! :)


The Intramuros Heritage Run 2011

This run was a wake-up call. The first race in the two years that I’ve been running that I’ve ever come close to DNF-ing–and at 5km!!!! I remember being close to quitting in my first 10km, but never that close.

Thank God for runner friends and their storehouse of knowledge, I think I know where I went wrong…

  • I was unprepared for the heat and humidity
  • I should have had water during the first 2 kms of the race
  • Maybe taking green tea anti-oxidant tabs ain’t a good idea before you run a race, especially if you have GERD
  • Calibrate your nike plus, as it might be giving you inaccurate readings especially in the KMS!!! I thought I was close to finishing the 5km already, then lo and behold there was more route. The term is “ubos na ubos”  (in english —i completely ran out).  My watch said I ran addtl 1.25kms!
  • I didn’t train and LOOK AT RACE ROUTES!!! I’m pretty stupid. There, i’ve said it. I should have looked at race routes and planned my race/pace/accordingly. Also, music is important. I don’t think listening to Does it offend you, yeah? helped the run. The cadence was all wrong. pfft. Actually, I was all wrong.

The result: did my worst time ever. about 40++mins? official results are not out yet, but I fear the worst. I also threw up and stopped completely at around 2.5 kms. Closest i’ve ever been to giving up.

I’ve been a lax running bunny. Actually, I shall use the — it’s-summer-and-the-heat-is-awful-and-it’s-like-a-sauna-that’s-why-I-wasn’t-exercising excuse. There. That sounded as wussy as it actually is.

Haha! So I’ll wait for the results of the run and update accordingly.

I finally calibrated the nike plus, so the next run will be more accurate hopefully. But here’s the graph of my last run:

and yes, the date and the time’s all screwed up. Before this, I didn’t really use the sportsband in a long time. I suck, I know. Enihoodles, i am going back to training. I have a new  trainer and I’m meeting with him tomorrow.  Kinda scared actually, but what the hey— we gotta get sexy, i mean healthy. haha!

But on a positive note, I loved running in Intramuros! Although, one reason why I started throwing up was because a jeepney’s fumes said hello to my face at the part where we ran Quirino i think(?) (Ewan, di nga nagbabasa kasi ng race routes! toink! haha!)  But it was great running a new route. I shall come back next year and do bettah!

The next 5km will be on June 5 for the Zigatech Reebok Run. I hope I get back into better shape than this. Jokobunny can totally do this!

Sidenote: I ran with the new but completely unofficial FFP Running Team, sama na! Congratulations to Joseph who finished the 5km at 24mins na walang kaeffort effort. Congrats but paksh*t ka dude!  haha!


Fun Tour Extravaganza with the Rapunzel Boys

Jeeves kept saying— “best run ever!” the whole of Sunday. Why? The run came with a free passport to all the museums in Intramuros. So I trooped Intramuros with the Rapunzel boys/the rest of the The FFP Running Team. Who are they? See them below.

Rapunzel Club Boys

[Sidenote: If you don’t know, my first choice of course in UP was BA History. But then I was offered to take any course I wanted instead of BA History, I opted for BS Business Administration. So here i am now, not really good at history anymore. SAAAD FAAACE! But I’ve always been fascinated with stuff that’s happened in the past and I LOVE going to museums, so this was going to be a treat, i thought.and it was. 🙂 ]

We were virtually just in time for everything great! After a leisurely (and quite alpha male) brekkie at Max’s (with 10% discount), we trooped to Fort Santiago. I haven’t been there in a long-ass time. It looked awesome! Nicely maintained grounds, clean surroundings and nice guards in costume.

First stop– the theater. We were just in time for the 930 film and audio visual presentation about Intramuros. We took notes just in case it might be asked in quiznight. Okay, i actually don’t remember much but I’m sure the Rapunzel Boys did. 🙂

Then we went around seeing the different ruins of buildings. Our resident military genius, Joseph explained the differences of bullets, canons, artillery and whatnots. Of course, as a girl, I was extremely fascinated. Sobra! I dunno what it is about canons and boys, but Joseph totally posed for this:

We had a kick finding out how many people we knew at the Wall of Martyrs. (We didn’t really know them– Ferdinand Marcos, the different Quirinos, etc) . And I had to stop the boys from re-enacting those videos you see as background in videoke machines. haha!

Walk towards the tree. Stop. Smell the flowers. Look above. Look sad. Smile.


Rizal shrine was up next. Here we found the bone of Rizal that was grazed by a bullet. It was super cool. So was the original sheet of paper where he wrote his Mi Ultimo Adios that was displayed in this really awesome room. The room had white walls where his final letter’s words were carved into the walls. The floor was wood and was painted with a narrative on what happened on the day of Rizal’s execution. We all wished we brought cameras. It was a beautiful room. I took photos from the BB, they do not do justice.

We were about to go when suddenly a guy dressed like Rizal sat on one of the chairs in the room. Hmm.. what is this? Then we found out we were right on time for a short sketch on the life of Rizal. Yay! So we sat on the floor and watched Josephine Bracken, Dona Teodora Alonzo, Rizal and his teacher from Ateneo narrate, act and sing the instances of Rizal’s life that molded him into a hero.

Various scenes from the short sketch on Rizal

We were very impressed!  We talked with the organizers and we found out they are an touring company called Heroes Square.

And they told us, there’s another activity after that we can join for free– the Tram Tour around Intramuros. In other words, we were dakilang mga sabit. But okay lang!


So we hopped on the tram, and took a tour of the Intramuros. Learned new stuff about the San Agustin Church, Plazeuala de Sta. Isabel, and other buildings, plazas,things, schools and whatnots. Basta waaaay informative.

We originally just wanted to hitch a ride until the Museum of Light and Sound, but we decided to finish the tram ride for the complete experience.


So we found ourselves back in Fort Santiago, talking to the organizers again. They have these activities every weekend until the end of May. So if you can– go!  More information on Heroes Square here. ( They also do tours for students and companies =)

Other museums visited included Casa Manila, and the Bahay Tsinoy.

The first one depicting a rich family’s house during the olden times. Pictures weren’t allowed. All I can say is I want the 3 mirror armoire AND the bed with the overhang. Also the giant chest. Also the bougainvilleas and the fountain. Sorry, my ideal house feels like that house and Fort Ilocandia but with modern plumbing. haha!

Bahay Tsinoy was interesting with realistic mannequins depicting the history of Tsinoys, and famous Tsinoys. This is also the place where Joseph and Mike formulated their future foundations to help the needy women of the future. Ask them about it.

We didn’t get to go to the Museum of light and sound, as our free passport time frame lapsed already.

So, after getting a tan from all the sun and all the walking we did and Mike getting mistaken for an American, we decided to have lunch at Binondo. (part 3)