2014 List

A quick roundup of the really really fun 2014! 🙂  Continue reading


Happy/Sad : the Addams Family

I have somehow evolved into a person that actually has a group of people that I can invite to go watch the theatre with. Amazeballs!

That said, I was asked to procure the tickets for the Addams Family musical by Atlantis Production. I went OC galore with it, and I think it worked because the seats we got were really awesome (if I do say so myself). Haha! It pays to call and reserve/pay early. 😉

Eula Valdez as Morticia and Arnel Ignacio as Gomez– awesome performances!

So the musical. I had a friend that watched it a day before me, and he said it was technically flawless, and the whole cast was very good. Continue reading