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5 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing In The Beach

My gahd!!! I did not blog for a whole month!!! Winter = October in my life, so that sorta explains that.. Or not.. or that really massive wall of a writer’s block that totally choked all creativity from my spazzy brain.. could be! Hmm… come to think of it, it may have been lack of lov…este surf. Haha!! 🙂

After a month of not surfing, I went to Baler for the Aloha Boardsports and Travel Factor Surf and Music Festival—- 3days and 2 nights of surfing, surfing competitions, concerts, and fun-fun-fun! Did it deliver?? Hell Yehz!

This will not be a blog post about how epic a time I had with my friends. Or the fact that I saw Gabby Alipe’s dimples. Or me joining a surfing competition. Or my friend Ting winning said competition. Or Peter getting approached by girls to have their picture taken with him. Or how big the waves in Baler were. Or how happy it felt dancing my heart out with my friends. Or about how awesome the event was..**


This is a blog post inspired by people that my friends and I have seen in the beach. Just some nice suggestions. =)



1.Wear Make-up

For all that is holy—it’s a beach!! Unless you’re posing for a magazine, ditch the foundation and the eyeshadow! Or if you do have to wear make-up, make it look natural at least? But no. Really. Wearing make-up to the beach just feels effing fake. And isa pa, it’s going to run when you get wet or sweaty, both inevitable. Eww.

2. Wear dangling gold earrings (that look like tassels) and other golden abubot

This is specially true when you’re about to go take a surfing lesson in really really really really knarly waves like one girl we saw. Well, when we saw her after her lesson, she had no more earrings and no more gold necklace.  The common sense rule is don’t wear stuff in the beach or the surf that you’re not willing to give to the ocean.

3. Super Public Displays of Affection, and other “stuff”

Okay, the occasional kissy-smack thing and the holding hands thing and the hugging’s okay but torridly making out? Unless it’s preceded by a dramatic scene involving long lost love and or a mala-telenovela fight scene that will make the whole beach cheer or go awwwww.. don’t do it! Also, this includes the couple that some of my friends stumbled upon in front of a resort doing some other “stuff”. Get a room, or staaay really awaaay from the party. Or unless you’re doing really life-changing/never seen before stuff— go ahead–make my day! 🙂

4. Not Dress Appropriately

Meaning, don’t look like you’re going to a party in Republiq. This includes sequins, rhinestones and such. I really don’t understand swimsuits and bikini’s with rhinestones. I really don’t. Are they to make sure your cleavage sparkles and catches the light? Waitap…Hmm.. wait effective ba?  Maybe I should get some! wahahaha! 😉

5. Litter

Littering is never cool. Leaving trash on the beach is just plain stupid and irresponsible. And people who smoke should never just throw their cigarette butts in the sand and leave em there. Have pity on the creatures in the ocean—including surfers!



Actually, come to think of it, who am I to say what people should or should not do?
Do what you want! Disregard everything I said except the NUMBER 5!
Walang basagan ng trip!

Just be comfortable in your own skin.It doesn’t matter if you’re fat, sexy, thin, tall, short, balding or God’s gift to men and women— just be happy.

Oh di ba? biglang walang naging point ang blog post! haha!

hey! at least I blogged! 🙂
and I really ❤ ed last weekend. I needed this!

*Photo above by Allen Aligam, taken during the last night of the festival. My friends are crazy. Haha! 🙂

**For one thing, i’m sure Tj/Lokal Soul will make a better blog post on the event. 🙂